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We hebben een ruim assortiment met mooie speelmaterialen speciaal voor gastouders.

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The icon is annoyingly stylized (it’s a watch, after all) and has a very lackleartanding look that makes it feel too “polite” and instead of a revolutionary whim of its own. The gradient, while cool in its abstraction, feels twice the weight and loses any vibrancy it had. Its execution is probably within the realm of Michael Bierut and it gets splashed with some nice gradients but, again, it’s not particularly pleasant.

Speeltegoed heeft oog voor jonge kinderen en ondersteunt ze in hun ontwikkeling.

Outside of these two elements, the rest of the identity lacks any sense of pride or confidence to create an identity that not only reflects the youth but… yeah, I don’t know. It’s a change for the worse, which leads into the new identity’s greatest saving grace, the peppy color palette.

The peppy colors definitely help in softening the more flashy typography that resides within. The bold typography works great with the more modest photography and the peppy backgrounds really make everything come together, particularly in the application pictured below, where all the black and white pieces are in a rotation and the abstract photo examples give hope that the peppy colors can transform any plain black and white photos into something much more exciting.

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